The Panama Birds - Field Guide app is a hand held, digital field guide designed to help both beginning and advanced birders learn about and identify the bird species that occur in Panama.

Reasons why this app for birding in Panama is suited anyone visiting Panama or learning about the many species of birds that occur in the rainforests, cloud forests, tropical gardens, wetlands, and other habitats of this hotspot for biodiversity:

Whether visiting Panama for fun or business, the beauty and abundance of biodiversity is a big attraction. There are literally thousands of species of birds, amphibians, insects, plants, and mammals that range from exotic, colorful parrots and toucans to tiny, camouflaged frogs. Birds are easier to watch than most other animals, and in the rich tropical habitats of Panama, expect to see a variety of parrots flying overhead, toucans calling from the canopy of the rainforest, the bright colors of tanagers and honeycreepers as they feed in a fruiting tree, and raucous flycatchers vocalizing in the garden. The Panama Birds Field Guide app will help you identify those and the other birds you see and hear while experiencing Panama.

Privacy Policy: The app requires permissions to enable the user to record bird sounds and photograph images so that we may assist in bird identification. If you decide to send any information to us, we will have your email address and any other information you send to us. We will absolutely not use this information in any way except to respond to you privately.