Our Contributors

Images on the app without a watermark in the lower right hand corner were provided by Randall Ortega Chaves. Images that do show watermark initials were contributed by the following people:

Patrick O’Donnell (peo): One of the co-creators of the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide app. He maintains a blog about birding in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Living and Birding.

Stanley Jones (sdj): An amateur photographer, Stanley has taken several trips to Costa Rica. Many of his bird images can be seen at his gallery in BirdForum.

Robert Wienand (rhw): A photographer and professional bird guide from South Africa, Robert guides birding tours in that country as well as other parts of Africa and is one of the owners of Outlook Lodge and Safaris. The images he has provided for the app were taken during a trip to Costa Rica in 2012.

Linda Scott (lrs): Birder who is documenting the birds at her home in Panama through photographs.

Lloyd Cripe (lic): Started photographing Panama's birds in 2009. He uses the digiscope method (spotting scope and digital camera). He takes photos on their small coffee farm in Palmira, Boquete and on adventures with the Boquete Birders in Boquete and other parts of Panama. You can see more of his photos and learn more about his work at his photo website Lloyd Cripe Photos or contact him at lloydcripe@gmail.com

Mark Huehnergard (mph):Grew up in Ontario, Canada graduating in Electrical Engineering. Mark began his career as the Manager of Electrical Engineering at Glegg Water Conditioning. Over a career spanning 19 years, he held several management positions of increasing responsibility as Plant Manager, Business Development Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager, Corporate Development and Research Manager, Corporate Vice President and lastly as President of E-cell Corporation. Throughout his career Mark traveled extensively in the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific Rim. He is the inventor of record of 13 patents in electro deionization technology. As a partner in Glegg Industries, Mark helped the private company grow to over 430 employees with revenues exceeding $139 million. The company sold to General Electric in October 1999 and Mark retired from corporate life. Since that time Mark manages the investment and business portfolio of his private investment firm. Mark and his wife Heather live part time in Canada and part time in Panama. They are very proud of their daughter Susan who is completing her second degree in Social work. Mark enjoys photography especially nature scenes and birds.

Kelly Collier (kvc)

Kay Wade (pkw) and Dan Wade (dew): Both enjoy birdwatching, tropical nature, natural history, and photographing birds, in Panama and elsewhere.

Josh Beck (jrb )and Kathi Borgmann have been traveling and birding overland from California to Panama since 2013 and hope to continue their epic voyage throughout South America Read about their experiences at the Birds of Passage blog: birdsofpassage.wordpress.com

Cindy Beckman (cbb) is co-owner of *Cheepers! Birding on a Budget. *In 2007, Cindy retired from a rewarding 35-year teaching career and soon after hatched the idea for a birding tour company that would offer quality tours at an affordable price. Along with her husband Jim, Cindy has led nearly 80 tours to 29 countries on 5 continents since they founded the company in 2009. One of her responsibilities on tours is to capture as many bird images as possible to share with participants after the tour. A life-long photo enthusiast, Cindy currently uses a Nikon D500 with a Tamron 150-600 mm lens.

Bonnie Clarfield-Bylin (bcb) lives in Thousand Oaks, California (USA) . She recently retired as a Supervisory Park Ranger after a 32-year career with the National Park Service. She and her husband, Stephen, enjoy immersing themselves in nature and traveling. She is very active with the Conejo Valley Audubon Chapter of the National Audubon Society and other conservation organizations, and she leads bird and plant walks along with other nature-related activities. Bonnie was named Wildbird magazine's 2011 Birder of the year.

David Hollie (drh) http://www.flickr.com/photos/featherbrain1223/

Daan Josephus Jitta (djj) http://daanjj.smugmug.com/Costa-Rica-birds/

Rafael Lau (rlk) is a professional nature photographer living in Panama. He has been interested in birding since 2007 and has contributed images of birds to a variety of organizations, foundations, and international and Panamanian media news outlets. You can visit his webpage at https://www.facebook.com/RafaelLau
He has contributed images for the Panama Birds Field Guide app in conjunction with the Canopy Family Lodges, some of the top birding lodges on the planet- http://www.canopytower.com

Miguel “Siu Generis” (msg) is a self-taught conservation photographer, founder of Panama Birds & Wildlife Photos, a nonprofit organization founded in 2014 to promote conservation through education, and to promote eco-tourism in Panama in the form of wildlife observation and wildlife photography. He has provided photographic material to support organizations such as Fundacion Conservacion Panama, Fundacion Albatros Media and Cornell University. To see his work and get access to his social network profiles you can visit his webpage at http://www.panamawildlife.net/

Dušan M. Brinkhuizen (DMB): Professional guide resident in the Neotropics. More of his work on http://www.sapayoa.com/

Daniel López-Velazco DLV- Dani has been birding since the age of 5 and guides trips for Birdquest in some of the most remote and exciting places on the globe.

A special thanks to the editor of North American Birds, Ned Brinkley (nsb) for contributing images and contacting regional North American Birds editors about contributing images for our apps, including Alix Arthur d'Entremont (aae), Phil Robertson (phr), and Tony Leukering (tll). See more of Alix's images at his flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alixd/ Tony's images can often be seen at the ABA photo quiz site: http://www.aba.org/photoquiz/ and at his Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/ North American Birds: https://www.aba.org/nab/editor.html

Dollyann Myers started birding in the early 1970's and Ron Hoff (rdh) began in 1978. Both got bitten by the birding bug and have been avid birders ever since, travelling globally every chance they get. They started individually but met later on and got married in 1995. Ron is the photographer of the two and is now approaching 4300 species photographed for the world.

Stewart and Allison Bentley (asb) met at Manchester University in 1970 when Allison joined the Manchester University Ornithological Society at the tender age of 17 (having been birding since the age of 8!). They got married two years later and have been birding together ever since! While living in England their travels took them birding in various European countries before moving to Canada in 1974. Later as kids grew, trips followed to Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, and Belize. In 2012 they celebrated their 40th anniversary in Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia and hope to celebrate the 45th in Kenya and Tanzania. They have four kids who sadly are not birders but do share their passion for the outdoors. Stewart took up nature photography shortly before retirement and bought his 'serious' lens for the trip to Africa. He is still editing his African shots!

John Sterling (jcs) is a wildlife biologist and consultant whose clients include The Nature Conservancy, National Audubon Society, the Center for Natural Lands Management, California Dept of Water Resources, The Kern Water Bank and the Smithsonian Institution. He was a former staff avian ecologist at the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, and for several universities and US Forest Service research labs in additional to working for two environmental consulting firms in California. John is a diehard birder since 1971 and loves teaching his identification workshops and leading his international tours.

Michael Leiton Bello (mlb) is a naturalist guide in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Pete Morris (ppm) lives in Lancashire, England and is both a Birdquest Senior Leader and Deputy Manager of the Birdquest office. He has been birdwatching for as long as he can remember, growing up on the North Kent Marshes and at Dungeness. After graduating in Environmental Science at the University of East Anglia in 1987 he spent a year working at English Nature before taking off overseas. He lived for a time in Australia, returning to Britain to work as an environmental consultant. Over the past decades he has travelled very extensively in the Western Palearctic (Europe, Western Asia and North Africa), the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Australasia and the Pacific Islands, Africa, Madagascar, both North and South America and the Caribbean, including several visits to Costa Rica, leading 150 tours in the process! Pete has published many articles and photographs from his travels, and also given illustrated lectures. Pete is senior author of the well-received Birds of Madagascar: a photographic guide (1998). http://www.birdquest-tours.com/ourteam.cfm?team=9

Aidan Kelly (agk) is a keen world birder from Dublin, Ireland who tries to go birding as much as he can, when not working. See his Surfbirds gallery of birds from different corners of the globe. http://www.surfbirds.com/gallery/search2.php?species=&photographer=Aidan%20G.%20Kelly&location=&country=&start=01

Jon Corcoran (jcc) has been birding for close to 30 years. I have birded and photographed birds extensively in North America and certain areas of Central America. My goal in birding over the last 6 years has shifted to trying to achieve high-quality photos of as many bird species as possible, with the hope to educate people on the vast diversity of birds in the world. I hope my photos will inspire people to pick up a pair of binoculars and seek out some of these birds themselves! I am very thankful to have the opportunity to contribute to these apps. Jon Corcoran
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jonnio.politano Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/thrasher72/ Nvjxc11@yahoo.com

Jean Bonilla (jjb) is a guide in the Monteverde area.

Seth Beaudreault (ssb) is a migratory naturalist, photographer, writer and farmer who splits each year between the arctic and the tropics, working half the year for the University of Alaska's Toolik Field Station and the other half growing coffee at his home in the Cordillera Tilaran. He can be reached at sethbeaudreault@gmail.com.

Bruce MacTavish bmt http://brucemactavish1.blogspot.com/

Our Vocalization Contributors

Mike Nelson has been a birder since he was 6, when he became fascinated with the birds in his English garden. With a father in the oil industry, he grew up in the Middle East and the Caribbean, eventually settling in the United States in 1980. Having lived in and travelled to over 40 countries, he is an experienced world birder and as an avid sound recorder and photographer, has logged over 9,000 sound recordings. Mike developed a particular interest in Asia during his birding travels and having led numerous tours in Asia, working as a full-time guide for Birdtour Asia was a natural progression to share his knowledge and enthusiasm on tours throughout the region.

Andrew Spencer: A birder since a young age, Andrew has become one of the top bird recordists in the world. He has made recordings of thousands of bird species from various parts of the globe, written articles about bird vocalizations, and guides for Tropical Birding http://earbirding.com/blog/archives/1556 and https://www.facebook.com/gwwarbler?fref=ts

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