What are the Top Ten Birds of Costa Rica?

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Some places have a few dozen bird species, and others have hundreds. With a bird list of more than 900 species,Costa Rica falls into the latter category. There are glittering tanagers and hummingbirds, jaw-dropping toucans, macaws, and parrots, and countless other birds to admire. With that in mind, a “top ten” list might be impossible. …

About the Question Mark Icon in the New Versions of Our Birding Apps for Costa Rica and Panama

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The new IOS versions of our apps are now available! They became available in iTunes quicker than expected. Some people have asked about the “question mark icon” for some species. On previous versions, species for which we lacked images were not included on our apps. For this new version, we decided that it would be …

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Some Amazing Hummingbirds from Costa Rica and Panama

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Costa Rica and Panama might be small countries but both harbor an incredible degree of biodiversity. Birds are especially diverse, and both Costa Rica and Panama have lists of more than 900 species each. Yes, that many, and hummingbirds make up several of the species on those lists. Literally dozens of hummingbird species zip around …

Fiery-throated Hummingbird.

Twelve Fantastic Birds Only Found in Costa Rica and Panama

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Costa Rica and Panama- both have lists of over 900 species of birds. What? That many? Yep, small countries, big bird lists, and incredible biodiversity. Several factors account for all of that life, huge amounts of rain and stable warm weather being two of the most important. However, mountains also play a big role and …