or when a gorgeous Gartered Trogon is hiding in the canopy of the forest.

Learn Songs of Costa Rica Birds with the Costa Rica Bird Field Guide App

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As anyone who has listened to the song of a robin, Blackbird, Wood Thrush, Nightingale, or wren knows, birds are much more than animals with pretty feathers. A lot of birds also make vocalizations that range from beautiful ethereal songs to harsh screeches and bizarre clucking sounds. Watching and enjoying birds involves listening to those …

Watch for Parrots when Birding Costa Rica!

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Costa Rica boasts several species of parrots, parakeets, and two spectacular macaws. The smaller members of this family are generally known as parakeets while the larger, “square-tailed” birds are known as parrots, and the macaws are basically big parrots with long tails. No matter where you go birding in Costa Rica, you have a good …

A Large-footed Finch belts out its song from a perch in the highlands.

Birds of Costa Rica: the Large-footed Finch

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If you are plan on doing any birdwatching in Costa Rica, spend a day in misty high elevation forests and you have a pretty good chance of seeing the Large-footed Finch. While some bird species seem to have names that have little to do with their appearance (such as Carmiol’s Tanager), the Large-footed Finch is …

Keel-billed Toucan

Three Tips to See Toucans and Other Exotic Birds on a Trip to Costa Rica

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Whether you like to watch birds or not, you are going to see a bunch when taking a trip to Costa Rica. Visit Costa Rica and you will have a very good chance of seeing toucans, parrots, the fantastic Scarlet Macaw, glittering hummingbirds, and other exotic tropical bird species. Although a lot of our birds …

Press Release for the Second, New and Improved Version of the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide App

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Birding Field Guides releases Second Version of Birdwatching app for Costa Rica For Immediate Release: August 20, 2013 The first birding app for Costa Rica is a digital field guide replete with photos, sounds, text, and range maps for more than 500 bird species. San Jose, Costa Rica – The second version of the Costa …

fantastic Fiery-throated Hummingbird.

5 Important Overlooked Tips to Prepare for a Trip to Costa Rica

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After hearing years of intriguing stories about the place from friends and family, you are finally taking your own trip to Costa Rica! Just as they may have said, yes, it is easier to travel to Costa Rica than most people realize (a couple hours by plane from the southern USA and not more than …

Yes, the male does indeed have three wattles and sounds sort of like a bell!

Experience the Three-wattled Bellbird on Your Trip to Costa Rica

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For being such a small country, Costa Rica has a pretty impressive variety of sights, sounds, and activities to offer. One of the main items being showcased on a daily basis is biodiversity and birds are one of the easiest ways to experience it. One of the standout bird species that occurs in Costa Rica …

You might see an Emerald Toucanet when traveling around Costa Rica.

Three Overlooked Essentials for a Trip to Costa Rica

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We all have our checklists of things to bring on vacations far from home. When preparing for a trip to Costa Rica, those things usually include such objects as clothing for warm tropical weather, various travel guide books, sunscreen, etc. The following are three of the overlooked essentials for any trip to Costa Rica: A …

A Rufous and white Wren shows itself.

Beautiful Bird Songs of Costa Rica- the Rufous and white Wren

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Bird vocalizations are a big part of the bird experience in Costa Rica. Whether looking for birds or not during a visit to Costa Rica, you can’t help but notice the yelping of Black-mandibled Toucans, the cheery songs of Clay-colored Thrushes, and the loud and complex songs of wren species. Black Mandibled Toucan song Clay …

Male Snowcap.

See the Incredible Snowcap when Birding Costa Rica

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The hummingbird family hosts hundreds of glittering, fantastic bird species. All are restricted to the Americas and more than 50 species have been recorded in Costa Rica. Many of those feathered dynamos are common and easy to see, especially at feeders put out for them and natural feeders in the form of flowering bushes and …