Howler Monkeys are seen in many parts of Costa Rica.

How to See Sloths, Monkeys, and Exotic Birds on a Trip to Costa Rica

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Costa Rica has become one of the better known destinations for ecotourism. The advantages of visiting Costa Rica include ease of access (it’s only a couple hours by plane from Texas), stability, beaches and mountains just a short drive from San Jose, exciting activities, well-trained guides, and so on. Of course, the country’s wildlife also …

A male Resplendent Quetzal at a nesting site.

Resplendent Quetzal- Costa Rican Bird of the Day

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The Resplendent Quetzal is one of Costa Rica’s star bird species. This rather incredibly spectacular bird lives in humid highland forests from southern Mexico south to western Panama but is most easily seen in Costa Rica. Although it also occurs at several sites in the other countries in its range (including Guatemala where it is …

Male Purple-throated Mountain Gem.

Come see our Updated Web Site to see FAQs about Birding in Costa Rica

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Come visit the website to see some of the additions that were recently made. These include pages about: FAQs about birding in Costa Rica Information about Costa Rica National Parks Travel advice for Costa Rica Birding Guides for Costa Rica What to Bring on a Birding Trip to Costa Rica How to Get Ready for …

You might even see a Bare-shanked Screech Owl!

Are Night Tours in Costa Rica Worth the Trouble?

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Zip lining, rappelling down a waterfall, hiking through rain forest, and seeing hundreds of exotic birds. These are just a small hand full of the many fun, adventurous, and exciting activities that Costa Rica has to offer. Even rain forest hikes can be subdivided into different categories, one of those being the “Night Tour”. This …

A male White-necked Jacobin in better light.

White-necked Jacobin- Costa Rica Bird of the Day

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Over 50 species of hummingbirds have occurred in Costa Rica, a country the size of the state of West Virginia. Many of them are fairly easy to see, especially when places with feeders are visited and quite a few hummingbird species also come to flowering bushes and trees in hotel gardens. This makes it much …

The Central American Coral Snake is fairly common but still rarely seen. It prefers to stay hidden in the leaf litter. It has potentially very dangerous venom but you would have to pick it up to be bit.

Do You Have to Worry about Snakes on a Trip to Costa Rica?

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We all have expectations and ideas about Costa Rica before visiting this beautiful country. For most people, the country ends up being more developed and scenic than they had imagined. It’s also not as hot as most people think. Granted, the lowland areas are hot and very humid in some areas but the temperature rarely …