You might get close looks at an Emerald Toucanet- this one came to a feeder at the Cinchona Hummingbird Cafe.

A Few Things to Bring to Costa Rica During the Dry Season

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December is almost here and with the 12th month comes the long awaited dry season. Daily rains have already ceased for the most part in the Central Valley, it’s getting windier, and its a degree or two lower during the night. Everyone in Costa Rica is getting ready for Christmas and us birders are also …

Keel-billed Toucan.

Toucans in Costa Rica

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Toucans are some of the strangest and most exotic looking birds on the planet. They have huge, colorful bills, look kind of like flying bananas when taking to the air, and make odd croaking and yelping sounds. Not to mention, toucans also happen to be intelligent, comical birds that troop through tropical forests in search …