and a beautiful Flame-colored Tanager he provided for the Panama app.

A Few Images for the Panama Birds Field Guide App from our Contributors

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There are literally hundreds of bird species in Panama and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have several very nice images provided to us by some of our friends. Linda Scott documents many of the birds on her land near Boquete, Panama with impressive photography. Her photos demonstrate what can show up in the yard …

Bay-headed Tanager- one of the many stunning tanagers that live in Costa Rica and Panama.

What Cool Kinds of Birds Can You See in Costa Rica and Panama?

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Tropical countries like Costa Rica and Panama have beautiful beaches, summer-time weather for every month of the year, great fishing opportunities, and the chance to experience tropical rainforests. No matter what your reason may be for visiting Costa Rica and Panama, don’t forget to experience the natural biodiverse treasures that these countries have to offer. …