The Kentucky Warbler is one of many migrant bird species that has declined. Photo by Linda Scott.

Some Tips to Help Birds Whether you Live in Panama or Iowa

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Birds are the most popular type of animal to watch. Their popularity stems from their colorful plumages, pleasant songs, and the fact that they can fly and are easier to see than other animals. However, unfortunately, a lot of bird species are in trouble. Habitat destruction, high pesticide loads in the environment, and other factors …

Five Good Reasons for Bringing Binoculars to Bocas del Toro, Panama

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Bocas del Toro is one of the must see destinations for anyone taking a trip to Panama. The tropical beauty of this Caribbean Sea archipelago appeals to everyone from young backpackers to retired doctors. It also attracts a fair number of ecotourists because even if you just happen to be visiting the islands to indulge …

Resplendent Quetzal .

Where to go Birding- Costa Rica or Panama?

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Costa Rica and Panama are two of the most popular Central American countries for birding. You can also find wonderful birding in other parts of Central America but the level of infrastructure, stability, and ease of access to good sites have put Panama and Costa Rica on the birding destination bucket list. Since both nations …