In Costa Rica, the Crowned Woodnymph is a lovely, common hummingbird species of rainforests.

Bird Identification in Costa Rica with an App

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Most serious birders eventually make their way to Costa Rica. This exciting country is a bucket list destination for any birder because: It’s easy to visit: If you live in the USA or Canada, Costa Rica is anywhere from three to six hours by plane. Good tourism infrastructure: Good hotels, good food, and good guides. …

The Blue-crowned Motmot is one of many common, beautiful birds in Costa Rica.

Quick Bird Identification in Costa Rica with an App

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Costa Rica is a wonderful place to watch birds. For the serious birder, there are literally hundreds of species that occur. Casual birdwatchers and tourists won’t help but notice exotic birds just about everywhere they go. If you see a bird like the one above or the following, you just might wonder what you are …

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Using the Which Bird is It Function on our Birding Apps for Costa Rica and Panama

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Costa Rica and Panama have literally hundreds of bird species. Putting a name on that many birds can be a challenge even for the most seasoned of birders. If our search options still don’t seem to help with identification, you can also use the Which Bird is It function. Which Bird is It allows you …

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New Features on our Bird Apps for Costa Rica and Panama

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Folks have been asking about the new features on our birding apps for Costa Rica and Panama. In addition to more than 700 species on each app, each also has the following new features: Search for bird species by name: Type in the name of a bird in the search box at the top of …

Scarlet Macaw.

Where to See Parrots and Toucans in Costa Rica?

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Exotic birds and jungle wildlife helped put Costa Rica on the map as one of the globe’s top ecotourism destinations. The national park system makes it possible to go for a hike in rainforest, cloud forests, and other tropical habitats where you can see parrots, macaws, toucans, iguanas, monkeys, sloths, and other wildlife. Since these …

Costa Rica Birding App YouTube Channel

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Want to see some of the images on our birding apps? How about listening to some of the vocalizations? We just started a YouTube channel and so far, have 3 slideshows. One shows a dozen of Costa Rica’s beautiful, common garden birds. Another shows several tanager species in Costa Rica, and a third shows 31 …