Prepare for Birding in Panama and Costa Rica with Birding Apps

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A birding trip to lands far from home always involves a certain degree of preparation. If you are headed to a nature reserve a few hours from home or in another state, preparations might not involve anything more than studying some of the birds you hope to see, figuring out where to stay, and walking …

Some Screen Shots from our Birding App for Costa Rica

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Our birding field guide apps for Costa Rica and Panama were designed to make them easy and quick to use. To give an idea of how these apps can be easily used in the field or studying birds back at home or in the hotel, I took some screen shots of the Costa Rica Birds …

Discount on Version 2.1 of the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide App!

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As of today, version 2.1 of our Costa Rica birding app is available in the iTunes store! After months of working on the app, this latest version includes the following functions and features: More than 575 species featured on the app– Images, information, and range maps for 578 species including such uncommon birds as Prevost’s …

Using the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide App to Show Birds by Region

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Costa Rica might be a small country but it’s filled with birds and has several distinct biogeographical regions. This ups the number of bird species found in the country and explains why you can see a Resplendent Quetzal, Violet Sabrewing, and Ruddy Treerunner on one day, and a White-throated Magpie Jay, Black-headed Trogon, and Rufous-naped …

Learn Songs of Costa Rica Birds with the Costa Rica Bird Field Guide App

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As anyone who has listened to the song of a robin, Blackbird, Wood Thrush, Nightingale, or wren knows, birds are much more than animals with pretty feathers. A lot of birds also make vocalizations that range from beautiful ethereal songs to harsh screeches and bizarre clucking sounds. Watching and enjoying birds involves listening to those …

Three Overlooked Essentials for a Trip to Costa Rica

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We all have our checklists of things to bring on vacations far from home. When preparing for a trip to Costa Rica, those things usually include such objects as clothing for warm tropical weather, various travel guide books, sunscreen, etc. The following are three of the overlooked essentials for any trip to Costa Rica: A …

Three Reasons why the Costa Rica Birds app is for Everyone Visiting Costa Rica

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Nowadays there are apps for almost everything. As if mobile devices weren’t fun enough on their own, now we can leverage them for everything from checking the weather to identifying birds in Costa Rica. But this new app isn’t just for birders. It’s also for anyone coming to Costa Rica and here are three reasons …

Absence of sound on some devices

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Some users have reported problems hearing the bird sounds on some devices. Possible solutions: Be sure the ringer and vibration options are set the way you want them. See for ideas. If still no sound, try plugging earphone, check for sound, then unplug. Please post any experiences on this subject.

Some Notes on Testing the Birding App for Costa Rica in the Field

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I came back from a great weekend of guiding in the Dominical area. Lots of great birding down that way even though the area isn’t a main stop on most birding tours to Costa Rica. On this recent trip, highlights included 16 species of raptors, Yellow-bellied and Ruddy-breasted Seedeaters, Black-tailed Flycatcher, and Mangrove Hummingbird. It …

Images in the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide app

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Some answers to some FAQs about the images used in the app: Are all of the pictures from Costa Rica?– 99% were taken in Costa Rica. There might be one or two images from Panama and I know that the Orchard Oriole was taken in central Illinois. ¬†Who did the photography for the app?– Randall …