A Few Images for the Panama Birds Field Guide App from our Contributors

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There are literally hundreds of bird species in Panama and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have several very nice images provided to us by some of our friends.

Linda Scott documents many of the birds on her land near Boquete, Panama with impressive photography. Her photos demonstrate what can show up in the yard when you preserve habitat and optimize it for birds. Here are a few of the images from her yard that she has provided for the Panama app:

Male Masked Tityra.

This Slaty Spinetail is especially impressive because this skulker rarely leaves cover!

Brown-throated Parakeets are a common species in western Panama.

Lloyd Cripe also takes beautiful pictures of birds near Boquete and other parts of Panama. His digiscoped shots rival many images taken by digital SLRs:

This Common Potoo was seen and photographed by him near Boquete, Panama.

Lloyd’s image of a Barred Forest-Falcon is on the Panama app.

The Rosy Thrush-Tanager is fairly common in western and central Panama but is very tough to see much less photograph!

Visit his site to see other images from his bird photo galleries.

Mark Huehnergard spends part of the year in Canada and part of the year in Panama. During his time in Panama, he takes some great photos of birds:

One of Mark’s Bay-Headed Tanagers.

and a beautiful Flame-colored Tanager he provided for the Panama app.

One of our contributors isn’t from Panama but lives in South Africa. Robert Wienand got some key shots of species that are tough to photograph during a trip to Costa Rica. I can only imagine the amazing images of birds, Lions, Leopards, and other wildlife seen during his Outlook Safari toursin and near Kruger National Park!

A Lineated Foliage-gleaner that Robert provided for our birding apps.

We are in the process of updating both apps, especially the Panama one and are adding more species, more images, and more vocalizations. If you have already purchased our Panama birding app, check this blog to see when the free update is available.

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