About the Question Mark Icon in the New Versions of Our Birding Apps for Costa Rica and Panama

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The new IOS versions of our apps are now available! They became available in iTunes quicker than expected. Some people have asked about the “question mark icon” for some species.

On previous versions, species for which we lacked images were not included on our apps. For this new version, we decided that it would be better to include all species on a checklist whether we had images or not. This way, people could at least have range maps and other information about every species on the list. Therefore, bird species that show the question mark icon are ones for which we don’t have images at this time. We might change that icon and hope to eventually obtain images for those species.

In the meantime, we have added several images and vocalizations. Some information about additions and new features on this new version:
-Nearly 800 species with images on the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide app.
-More than 820 on the Panama Birds Field Guide app.
-More than 600 species with vocalizations on each app.
-Similar species function for easy comparison of birds that are difficult to identify.
-IUCN status for threatened species.
-Regional endemics noted.
-Descriptions of regions and major habitats in “App Tips”.

Solitary Eagle 1qqdmb

Rufous-breasted Antthrush 1qqdmb

This Solitary Eagle and Rufous-breasted Antthrush are two of the species that now have images on our apps for Costa Rica and Panama. Both were contributed by DuĊĦan M. Brinkhuizen, one of Ecuador’s top birding guides. See more of his photography at www.sapayoa.com

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