Basic Birding Apps for Costa Rica and Panama

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We get a lot of feedback from our customers. One commonly asked question has been whether or not we can make an app that just shows the common birds because, after all, these are the species most often seen by most visitors to Costa Rica and Panama. We obliged and present two new apps; the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide Basic, and the Panama Birds Field Guide Basic. As their names indicate, these are smaller versions of our full field guide apps.

Shinning Honeycreeper 1


Shining Honeycreeper- one of many beautiful photos by Randall Ortega Chaves on our basic Costa Rica app.

The main differences between these basic apps and the full versions lies with the number of species shown and the price. Whereas the full versions show information and range maps for every species on the country list (more than 900 species), these new basic versions focus on 350 plus commonly seen and spectacular species from Costa Rica and Panama.Golden-collared Manakin male-2

This maleĀ Golden-collared Manakin is one of the images by Miguel Siu Generis on the Panama basic app.

What to expect on the basic versions:

– On each digital field guide, more than 350 of the most common and spectacular bird species in Costa Rica, more than 370 for the Panama app.
– Beautiful images for every species.
– Vocalizations.
– Range maps and information for every species.
– Similar species and other functions.
– Easy search filter.
– Which Bird is It? function that lets you take a picture of a bird or record its sound and send it to us for identification.

– Available for $2.99

At this time, these new apps are only available for IOS, we hope to make the Android versions available soon.

Check out the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide app Basic.

and the Panama Birds Field Guide app Basic.

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