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Beautiful Bird Songs of Costa Rica- the Rufous and white Wren

Bird vocalizations are a big part of the bird experience in Costa Rica. Whether looking for birds or not during a visit to Costa Rica, you can’t help but notice the yelping of Black-mandibled Toucans, the cheery songs of Clay-colored Thrushes, and the loud and complex songs of wren species.

A close look at a Black-mandibled Toucan in Costa Rica.

Black Mandibled Toucan song

Clay colored Thush, House Wren, and others

Wren diversity is pretty high in Costa Rica and some areas in the country boast 8 species of these fine songsters. In a family of birds known for loud, ringing songs, the Rufous and white Wren stands out.

How Rufous and white Wrens are usually seen.
A Rufous and white Wren shows itself.

Found from southern Mexico to northern South America, it’s a reclusive species of moist forest, riparian zones in dry forest, and shade coffee. It’s far more often heard than seen but that’s not such a bad trade off given the haunting beauty of its song.

Rufous and white Wren song.

Listen for the wonderful song of this wren species in moist forest near Monteverde, in large hotel gardens of the Central Valley, and various other dry and moist forest sites on the Pacific slope.

Another nice look at a Rufous and white Wren.


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