Birding App for Panama- Field Guide or Study Tool?

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Binoculars are the most essential item for birding no matter where you go but a field guide comes in as a close second. Without it, we have no idea what we are looking at, nor can we identify similar-looking species. However, before we head to the nearest wildlife refuge or even look at the birds in the backyard, we can also start using a bird field guide from the comfort of your favorite cozy chair.

Despite their name, field guides aren’t just meant to be used in the field. They also act as essential study tools that help us learn about the birds in our neighborhood, the ones we hope to see on the next field trip, and the target birds that we really want to see and photograph in places like Panama and Costa Rica.

You might want to see a Collared Aracari.

The Panama Birds Field Guideis just as much a study guide as it is a field guide. Once you step off the plane in Panama, you can certainly use it to look for birds with a crest, eye ring, or other field marks, browse species by region, take notes on the birds you see, and even take pictures of birds with your device and send them to us for identification.

Maybe you will take a picture of a Golden-hooded Tanager.

However, you can also use it long before your trip to Panama to learn about the birds that live in the rainforests of the Canal Zone, see which species are more likely to occur in the highlands, browse bird species by group or family, listen to the sounds they make, and study their field marks to prepare for Panama’s exciting, fast-paced birding.

Find out where you can see the beautiful Chestnut-colored Woodpecker in Panama.

The easiest way to learn about this birding app is by downloading the free, lite version.

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