Discount on Version 2.1 of the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide App!

By patrick on

As of today, version 2.1 of our Costa Rica birding app is available in the iTunes store! After months of working on the app, this latest version includes the following functions and features:

  • More than 575 species featured on the app– Images, information, and range maps for 578 species including such uncommon birds as Prevost’s Ground-Sparrow, Lesser Ground-Cuckoo, and Golden-winged Warbler.

    Lesser Ground Cuckoos are common at dry forest sites in Costa Rica.

  • Vocalizations for 346 species including Lesser Ground-Cuckoo, Wrenthrush, and Cinnamon Woodpecker.
  • Optimized for the iPad.
  • Filters to easily search for birds.
  • The What Bird is It? function- use the app to take a picture or record bird sounds, email them to us and we will identify them for you.
  • A full checklist of Costa Rican birds.
  • Email checklist and notes taken on species.

If you already purchased the app, get the update for free. Folks who have yet to buy this bird identification app and enhance their vacation to Costa Rica are also in luck because we are selling this Costa Rica app for half the regular price!

Get ready for the biodiversity and beauty of Costa Rica with the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide App!

Check out the lite version for free!

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