Finally, an App for Birding Costa Rica!

By patrick on

Ok, so this is a free lite version but view it as a hint of things to come. Although the full version needs to go through the review process, we hope it will be available sometime in December. Expect an iPhone and iPod app. suitable for both serious birders and anyone who would like to know more about Costa Rican birds.

Use it to learn about the fantastic array of birds that awaits you in Costa Rica before your trip, to identify them during the trip, and to be reminded of Costa Rican avian sights and sounds after your time spent in one of the most biodiverse places on Earth.

Download the short and sweet version of the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide app. to check it out!


  1. Parece la aplicación perfecta para cualquier amante de las aves de nuestro país.
    Me encantaría que me mantengan informado de cuando saldrá una versión más completa me refiero a más aves.
    Excelente trabajo.

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