Getting Ready to Update Birding Apps for Costa Rica and Panama

By patrick on

The BirdingFieldGuides team would rather be watching birds but these days, we find ourselves spending a lot more time in front of the computer. We have been getting the next updates ready for our Costa Rica and Panama Bird Field Guide apps and it’s a big one! Here are a few hints at what’s in store:

  • A new search function: Get ready for a fun, easy search function that lets you search by name!

You can search for this Green Shrike Vireo- one of several new species on the next update.

This image was contributed and taken by Cindy Beckman on one of her fantastic birding tours to Panama.

  • More than 700 species for the Costa Rica app: Yes, this update will put over 700 species of birds on the app. The large number of species and easy search functions make the app suitable whether just getting started with birding or having watched birds in Costa Rica for decades. Oh, and there will be close to 700 species for the Panama app as well including Darien species like Black-tipped Cotinga, Gray-cheeked Nunlet, and Beautiful Treerunner.

Buff-fronted Quail-Dove, one of the many new species. This image was contributed by David Hollie.

  • Vocalizations: Several vocalizations have been improved and there will be well over 100 new ones.

The update is nearly ready and we hope to make it available by December. It will be available for both Android and Apple devices and if you already bought the app, remember that you can update at no extra charge.

We will announce the updates as soon as they are available!

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