Learn Songs of Costa Rica Birds with the Costa Rica Bird Field Guide App

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As anyone who has listened to the song of a robin, Blackbird, Wood Thrush, Nightingale, or wren knows, birds are much more than animals with pretty feathers. A lot of birds also make vocalizations that range from beautiful ethereal songs to harsh screeches and bizarre clucking sounds. Watching and enjoying birds involves listening to those sounds just as much as admiring their plumage through binoculars an in the tropical forest habitats of Costa Rica, knowing the sounds of birds is of paramount importance for finding them.

That knowledge tells you when a glittering Rufous-tailed Jacamar is nearby.

or when a gorgeous Gartered Trogon is hiding in the canopy of the forest.

It’s not easy to learn the songs of new and unfamiliar birds but our app for birding in Costa Rica will give you a good tool to start with. Although it doesn’t include the sounds of every bird species (we mostly left out waterbirds and species that don’t call so much and are updating the rest), it does include sounds for well over 300 species that are often heard when visiting rain forests, tropical dry forests, or just watching birds in the garden of your hotel.

Unlike bird sound collections that allow you to listen to the sound of the bird and nothing more, with our app, you can also look at images of the species in question while listening to its vocalizations.

We have found this to be a big help when learning the sounds of birds because it appeals to both visual and auditory learning processes. Try learning some bird sounds on the free Lite Version of our Costa Rica Birds app to see what we mean!

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