New Android Version of Costa Rica Birding App

By patrick on

The latest Android version of the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide app is now available at Amazon and Google Play. This updated version has:

  • New search by name feature– Type in the name of a bird and it will show. For example, if you search for “antshrike”, all of the antshrikes appear. Search for “Russet Antshrike” and just that species will appear.
  • Over 700 species: Actually 717 species are shown on the app and more will be included in the next update.

    Russet Antshrike- one of many new species.

  • Vocalizations for more than 500 species: Includes vocalizations for common species like Common Tody-Flycatycher and rare species like Black-crowned Antpitta.
  • New Images: More images are shown to help with bird identification.

    Male Shining Honeycreeper- one of several new images.

  • Search filters: As with the previous version, you can search for species by group, two colors, head pattern, and more factors to help with identification.
  • Range Maps: For every species on the app as well as descriptions of field marks, habitat, and more.

If you already bought the Android version, get the update for free!

Check out the free lite version at Amazon. The full versions cost just $9.99 and are available at Amazon and GooglePlay.

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