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Getting Ready to Update Birding Apps for Costa Rica and Panama

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The BirdingFieldGuides team would rather be watching birds but these days, we find ourselves spending a lot more time in front of the computer. We have been getting the next updates ready for our Costa Rica and Panama Bird Field Guide apps and it’s a big one! Here are a few hints at what’s in …

Scarlet Macaw.

Where to See Parrots and Toucans in Costa Rica?

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Exotic birds and jungle wildlife helped put Costa Rica on the map as one of the globe’s top ecotourism destinations. The national park system makes it possible to go for a hike in rainforest, cloud forests, and other tropical habitats where you can see parrots, macaws, toucans, iguanas, monkeys, sloths, and other wildlife. Since these …

Costa Rica Birding App YouTube Channel

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Want to see some of the images on our birding apps? How about listening to some of the vocalizations? We just started a YouTube channel and so far, have 3 slideshows. One shows a dozen of Costa Rica’s beautiful, common garden birds. Another shows several tanager species in Costa Rica, and a third shows 31 …

You might also see the incredible Snowcap.

How Many Hummingbirds Can You See in Costa Rica?

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Some birds sing pretty songs, others are familiar garden guests, and not a few charm us with bright and beautiful colors. Then there are the hummingbirds; shining, tiny, fairy-like creatures that merit a category of their own. Most folks from North America are familiar with one or two hummingbird species that visit their gardens, and …

Bay-headed Tanager.

Prepare for Birding in Panama and Costa Rica with Birding Apps

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A birding trip to lands far from home always involves a certain degree of preparation. If you are headed to a nature reserve a few hours from home or in another state, preparations might not involve anything more than studying some of the birds you hope to see, figuring out where to stay, and walking …

Birding Field Guides Releases New Versions of Birdwatching Apps for Costa Rica and Panama

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For Immediate Release: June 25, 2014 The first birding apps for Costa Rica and Panama are digital field guides that include photos, sounds, text, and range maps for more than 550 bird species. San Jose,Costa Rica– Updated versions of Birding Field Guide apps forCosta RicaandPanamabecame available in the iTunes Store in June, 2014. These are …

Another look at a Turquoise-browed Motmot.

Some Birds Just like to Relax in Costa Rica and Panama

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One of the main reasons for traveling to Costa Rica and Panama is to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Sure, visitors to these tropical paradise countries also partake in zip-lining, hiking, birding, and other fun outdoor activities but let’s face it; a vacation is a vacation and there should always be time to sit back, …