Press Release for Version 2.0 of the Panama Birds Field Guide App

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Birding Field Guides Releases New Version of Birdwatching App for Panama

For Immediate Release: December 19, 2014

The first birding app for Panama is a digital field guide that includes photos, sounds, text, and range maps for more than 700 species of birds.

San Jose,Costa Rica– A new version of the Birding Field Guides app for Panama became  available in the iTunes Store on December 19, 2014. This is the only digital field guide app in the iTunes Store that is completely focused on the bird species ofPanama.

Panama has become a bucket-list destination for birdwatchers, world travelers, and is an increasingly popular place to retire. Birders travel toPanamato look for trogons, parakeets, tanagers, and literally hundreds of other bird species, while the average tourist enjoys sightings of toucans, parrots, and other exotic birds even in the parks ofPanama City. This Central American country also draws visitors with unspoiled beaches, fantastic deep sea fishing, rainforest hikes, and a stable government.

This recent version of the Panama Birds Field Guide app has been updated with new images, information, and range maps for more than 700 species, and vocalizations for nearly 500 species. Along with a suite of new birds, sounds, and improved images, version 2.0 also has a search by name function along with other easy to use search functions.

Michael Mullin, head of programming for Birding Field Guides, expects that the new images, species accounts, vocalizations, and search functions will make it easier to study Panamanian birds before and during a trip to this exciting country.

He said, “I’m excited about this new version because we have improved the search functions, images, vocalizations, and now have more than 700 species on the app.  We listened to what our customers had to say and made changes to improve their experience. I am looking forward to hearing how this new version enhances trips toPanamafor birders, retirees, and birding guides.”

This app is currently available for version 4.3 or higher iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone devices, and will be updated for 2.3.3 and higher Android devices in early 2015.

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