Sneak Peak at New Birding Apps for Costa Rica and Panama

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The new and improved IOS versions of our Panama and Costa Rica birding apps are finished and on their way to the iTunes store. Although we don’t know the exact publishing date (that depends on approval from iTunes), it might happen in a week or two. In the mean time, here’s a sneak peak at what to expect with this exciting update:

  • All species on the checklist: Information and range maps are shown for every species. That’s 912 species that have been recorded in Costa Rica, and 974 for Panama.Silver-throated Tanager

Several beautiful tanagers are on the apps, including this Silver-throated Tanager.

  • Images for most of those species: There are photos for nearly 800 species on the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide app, and 825 species on the Panama Birds Field Guide app.Mangrove Hummingbird

Mangrove Hummingbird is one of 50 hummingbird species depicted on the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide app.

Tooth-billed Hummingbird

Tooth-billed Hummingbird is one of the new hummingbirds shown on the Panama Birds Field Guide app. This image was taken by Josh Beck. Read about Josh and Kathi’s exciting travels and birding in South America at their Birds of Passage blog

  • Vocalizations for more than 600 species: Listen to sounds of more than 600 species on each app, including several sound files edited to include more vocalizations for such species as Orange-billed Sparrow, Stripe-breasted Wren, Black-cheeked Ant-Tanager, and others.
  • Similar species comparison: A new feature for quick comparison of similar species.
  • Notes for each species: Make notes with location, seen, heard, and GPS location (for devices that have this feature).
  • The app acts as a checklist: Check birds as seen or heard and use the search filter to only show those species.

Bicolored Hawk

Hopefully, you can check off Bicolored Hawk. This image was also provided by Josh Beck.

Along with new images, sounds, and features, these birding apps still have the same comprehensive search filters, and the “Which Bird is It?” function where images and sounds can be sent to us for identification. If you already purchased one or more of these apps, remember to update for free!

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