Some Birds Just like to Relax in Costa Rica and Panama

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One of the main reasons for traveling to Costa Rica and Panama is to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Sure, visitors to these tropical paradise countries also partake in zip-lining, hiking, birding, and other fun outdoor activities but let’s face it; a vacation is a vacation and there should always be time to sit back, rest, and watch the clouds go by.

Watching the clouds go by over rainforest in Costa Rica.

If you happen to be watching those clouds near rainforest, you can bet that some beautiful birds are going to fly into view. Their bright colors and exotic appearance are going to be hard to ignore so you might find yourself watching one or two. You might also notice that certain birds seem to be relaxing just as much as yourself!

Sometimes, even hyperactive hummingbird relax for a moment or two.

That seemingly easy-going attitude is shown by a surprising number of species that live in tropical places and this fits in perfectly with those hot, relaxed surroundings. In fact, motmots can be so relaxed that the local name for these rather stationary birds is “dumb bird” because they sit still for long periods of time instead of spending most of their time moving through the vegetation and flying around.

The beautiful Turquoise-browed Motmot is a common resident of dry forest habitats in Costa Rica.

Another look at a Turquoise-browed Motmot.

Puffbirds are even easier going than the motmots and love to spend most of their time just hanging out on top of a tall tree or sitting very still in the dim understory of tropical rainforest.

A White-whiskered Puffbird from Carara National Park, Costa Rica.

Another look at the puffbird.

Some colorful birds will also sit still long enough for photos. The manakins in particular love to hang out in the understory of forest between bouts of dancing! They might be more active than motmots or puffbirds but still have the right attitude.

Orange-collared Manakins pose for the camera.

Although these sit and wait birds actually use this strategy to surprise prey items and watch for predators, it still seems like they have the same vacation attitude as people who are lucky enough to experience Costa Rica and Panama.

The glittering Rufous-tailed Jacamar is another pretty sit and wait species.

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