Some FAQs about the Panama Birds Field Guide App

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Here at BirdingFieldGuides, in addition to several requests per day for identification of images and sounds via the Which Bird is It? function on our birding apps for Costa Rica and Panama, we also receive a variety of questions about our apps.

We try to respond to each question as best we can, the following are some of the most frequent questions sent to us along with our answers:

  • Is an Internet connection required to use the app?: No. Although an online connection is required to download the app, it can be used without a connection. Of course emailing a checklist or sending images and recordings has to wait until the device is online, but other functions can be used to study birds before a trip, when looking at birds during the trip, and reminiscing about the trip back at home.

You might see an Agami Heron. Image provided by Josh Beck.

  • Is the app available for Android?: Yes, our birding apps can be downloaded at GooglePlay and the Amazon store.
  • Why does it say that the app is not compatible with my device?: Unfortunately, operating systems for mobile devices seem to change just about every year. This can make some devices incompatible with certain apps. We work hard to update our apps to reflect those changes but due to the high number of Android devices from different companies, sometimes, the app isn’t compatible with a certain tablet or phone. We try to figure that out how to make the app work on those devices as we discover them. In general, our apps will work fine on Apple iOS 5.1.1 or later, and Android 2.3.3 or later.
  • How can I see information for each bird?: Touching the small “i” icon in the upper right corner reveals information about a species.
  • Where are all of the bird species?: Since we work with images and some species are terribly difficult to photograph, we still need to add several species to each app. That said, we figured it would be better to publish apps with more than 700 species shown (and sounds for more than 500 of them) out of 900 rather than wait several years to have images for every single species. Nevertheless, we update the apps on a regular basis to add more species, improve functions, and will eventually show each species.

Green Shrike-Vireo was added on our latest update.

This image was taken by Cindy Beckman on one of her Cheepers! Birding on a Budget Tours.

  • How much do updates cost?: Although several people have told us to charge for updates, we decided to provide them for free because we knew that, like most apps , this was going to be a work in progress as we add more species. Anyone who buys our birdings apps for Panama and Costa Rica can get the updates for free.

To learn more about our bird apps for Costa Rica and Panama, please visit our website. To see how our apps look on your device, download the free lite version!

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