The Panama Birds Field Guide App is Available!

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Since one of the co-founders of Birding Field Guides lives in Panama, it only made sense to develop a birding app for that beautiful country. Birding in Panama is world class for the most seasoned of birdwatchers and for those who just enjoy seeing whatever interesting, colorful birds they come across.

Crimson-backed Tanager – one of many colorful birds that occur in Panama. This image was taken by Linda Scott.

Like our Costa Rica Birds app, the Panama Birds app has an easy to use template along with the following features:


  • Images, information, and range maps for more than 500 species of birds. More than 600 can be expected in future updates.
  • Includes common species and regional endemics.

    The stunning Blue Cotinga is one of the bird species on the app. This image was taken by Lloyd Cripes. See his photos of Panama birds at

  • Vocalizations for more than 300 species.
  • The ability to make notes and check if a bird is heard or seen.
  • The “Which Bird is It” function that allows you to take pictures and record sounds of birds with your device. Those then get emailed to us for identification when the device connects to the Internet.
  • A checklist of the birds of Panama. Keep track of birds heard and seen while visiting Panama.

Find this birding app for Panama in the iTunes store and for Android devices, lite and full versions in the Amazon store. We also have a lite versionavailable in iTunes.

Watch for the Black Hawk-Eagle when birding in Panama. This images was taken by Linda Scott.

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