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White-necked Jacobin- Costa Rica Bird of the Day

Over 50 species of hummingbirds have occurred in Costa Rica, a country the size of the state of West Virginia. Many of them are fairly easy to see, especially when places with feeders are visited and quite a few hummingbird species also come to flowering bushes and trees in hotel gardens. This makes it much easier to see these little flying dynamos compared to birding in the rainforest.

The Rufous-tailed Hummingbird is the most common hummingbird species in Costa Rica.

You will see hummingbirds there too but most of them are super quick flybys that evade binoculars. One of the more commonly seen hummingbirds at the edge of humid forest from the lowlands to the foothills is the White-necked Jacobin.

A male White-necked Jacobin.

The male of this beautiful hummingbird blends a striking shade of blue with gleaming white and iridescent green back for stunning results.

A male White-necked Jacobin in better light.

The female isn’t nearly as brightly colored as the male.

A female White-necked Jacobin.
A closer look at a female White-necked Jacobin. Note the dark scale shaped spots on the throat.
A young male White-necked Jacobin.

Although the White-necked Jacobin can be seen at any number of humid forest sites, the easiest place to see and photograph them in Costa Rica is probably the Nature Pavilion. Jacobins dominate the feeders at this excellent birding site.

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