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Birder to Birder

Features include

  • New! Images for 993 species.
  • See images and learn how to identify hundreds of birds in Panama.
  • New! Vocalizations for 914 species.
  • Listen to and learn the beautiful and exotic sounds heard in the tropical forests of Panama.
  • New! Information, images, and sounds for an additional 45 species that may eventually occur in Panama.
  • Range maps and information for every species on the Panama checklist.
  • Similar species function for easy comparison of birds difficult to identify.
  • IUCN status for threatened species.
  • Regional endemics noted.
  • Descriptions of regions and major habitat in "App Tips".
  • Easy search by name function.
  • Quicker scrolling to browse by group and family.
  • Extensive and easy to use filter options.
  • Description, field marks, habitat for each species.
  • Which Bird is It? function allows you to take photos and make recordings of birds with your device. Email them to us and we will identify them for you!
  • Take notes on species and mark species as seen or heard.
  • Notes can include GPS location and be emailed in eBird format.
  • Camera.
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Birder to Birder

Features include