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New Features on our Bird Apps for Costa Rica and Panama

Folks have been asking about the new features on our birding apps for Costa Rica and Panama. In addition to more than 700 species on each app, each also has the following new features:

  • Search for bird species by name: Type in the name of a bird in the search box at the top of each page and all of the species with that name appear.

    Searching for toucans by name.
  • Quicker scrolling on group and family pages: If you like to see birds organized by group (antbirds, trogons, etc.),  bird group names are organized alphabetically on the side of the screen.

    Toucans on the group page.
  • If you would rather see birds listed by family (like most field guides), use the family page with families listed in taxonomic order on the side of the screen.
  • Filter birds by seen and/or heard: Want to see the birds you have already seen or heard? Use this new filter function.
    Touch “Seen” and all of the bird species marked as “Seen” are shown. Touch “Back” to see the birds.

    This Purple-throated Fruitcrow was marked as seen and heard.
  • Filter birds by status: Use this to study the common birds before the trip, or to see which bird species are rare.

    This is what the filter page look like.

We hope that these new functions along with other features like “Which Bird is It?”, a full checklist, and sounds for 500 species will enhance trips to Costa Rica and Panama, and make it easier to identify the birds seen and heard in these biodiverse countries.

These features are on the Apple device versions of  our apps. We are working on updating the Android versions with similar features, hopefully by February. The programming is 100% different so it takes a bit more time.

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