Full-featured birding field guides for Costa Rica, Panama and Belize, including bird photographs, individual bird range maps, vocalizations, field marks, description, habitat. Additional features include comprehensive filter choices, sorting options, personal notes, camera, email notes and photos. A checklist of all birds is included.

Michael Mullin, an enthusiastic birder for the last few years, has been active in developing and programming software solutions for desktop, web, mapping and mobile applications the last 20 years. Michael spent time blue-water cruising with his family in the Pacific and now lives in Boquete, Panama.

A lifelong native of Costa Rica, Randall Ortega Chaves has spent most of his 30 years in constant fascination with the diverse ecosystems of his tropical homeland. Randall is a specialist in bird photography and currently the owner and lead guide for Costa Rica Birding Journeys, a small eco travel and birding expedition company in Costa Rica. They offer nature journeys in Costa Rica, focusing on beginner to advanced birding and photography trips, very small groups or private trips, providing educational and informative natural history hikes, steering clear of crowds, and finding those magical places off the beaten path.

Patrick O'Donnell, originally from Niagara Falls, New York, Patrick began birding there at the age of 7. He became hooked on Costa Rican birds in 1992 and visited the country on several occasions before moving to Costa Rica in 2007. A biologist by training and freelance writer in practice, he also guides birding tours in Costa Rica. Patrick writes about birds and birding in Costa Rica at his Living and Birding Costa Rica blog.

Privacy Policy: The app requires permissions to enable the user to record bird sounds and photograph images so that we may assist in bird identification. If you decide to send any information to us, we will have your email address and any other information you send to us. We will absolutely not use this information in any way except to respond to you privately.