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Press Release- Update for Costa Rica Birding App Includes Innovations and Comprehensive Features

Update for Costa Rica Birding App Includes Innovations and Comprehensive Features

For Immediate Release: January 5, 2021

Additional species and features on the latest free update of the Costa Rica Birds app make it the most comprehensive digital guide for birds in Costa Rica.

San Jose, Costa Rica – A new, comprehensive update for the Costa Rica Birds- Field Guide app became available in the iTunes Store on January 2, 2021. In addition to more images, vocalizations, and information, this free update also includes more than 60 species that are not on the Costa Rica list but could be eventually found in this major birdwatching destination.

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Costa Rica is a destination of global importance for birding. Ease of access to national parks and other protected areas, political stability, and an abundance of exotic, tropical birds have helped put Costa Rica on the map for birding. Birders have been visiting this bio-rich country on their own and with organized tours for more than 35 years in search of tanagers, 50 plus hummingbirds, the spectacular Resplendent Quetzal, and more than 800 other species. As the popularity of birding has grown, visits to Costa Rica for birding have likewise increased and there is every sign that this trend will continue.

The goals of the most recent free update of the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide app are to give more tools for app users to find and identify the 923 species on the official list for Costa Rica as well as be aware of an additional 68 species that could eventually occur Costa Rica. This is accomplished with a wealth of images, vocalizations for more than 900 species, updated range maps, search filters for major habitat, nocturnal species, and other factors that aid identification and learning about Costa Rica birds.

When asked why birds not on the official list for Costa Rica were included in the app, Patrick O’Donnell, head of development and marketing for Birding Field Guides, believes that the app becomes more of a comprehensive tool for both birding in the field and for reference before, during, and after a birding trip to Costa Rica.

He said, “A few species are added to the Costa Rica list just about every year. Given the increase in birding, this is not unexpected and several more species are still possible. By including species that could occur, we hope to give birders the information and tools needed to recognize them. By including this new feature along with the ability to search by major habitats, and additional images and vocalizations, we continue to aspire to offering the most comprehensive digital birding app for Costa Rica.”

This app is currently available for iOS 8.0 or later iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone devices.

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