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Quick Bird Identification in Costa Rica with an App

Costa Rica is a wonderful place to watch birds. For the serious birder, there are literally hundreds of species that occur. Casual birdwatchers and tourists won’t help but notice exotic birds just about everywhere they go.

The Blue-crowned Motmot is one of many common, beautiful birds in Costa Rica.

If you see a bird like the one above or the following, you just might wonder what you are seeing.

What is this bird with the pink face?

Despite hundreds of birds to choose from, quick and easy identification is possible, especially with a birding app for Costa Rica on a hand-held device.

Although you could browse through the more than 700 species on the app, identification is a lot quicker with the search filter.

We can start by searching for birds with white and pink…

Results for birds that have white and pink.
Scrolling down reveals more species with white and pink.

It looks like our bird is there but there is an even quicker way to find it..

It looks like our bird has an eyering, so lets pick that as part of the search.
Now, lets combine an eyering, and white and pink in one search.
This gives us two species, one of which looks like the one we saw…
Masked Tityra- listen to its call, make notes about the bird, and touch the “i” to learn more about it.

Want to try out the this essential Costa Rica app for free? Download the lite version to see some of the images, hear some of the bird vocalizations, and to see how it works.

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