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Six Fun Things to do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country filled with fun and exciting activities. Whether birding in Costa Rica or just visiting Costa Rica for a vacation, the following are five fun things to do in this exciting country:

  • Go see a quetzal: If we had to pick one bird to see when visiting Costa Rica, it would have to be the Resplendent Quetzal. Believe when we say that this is one bird that everyone should experience. It looks so ridiculously spectacular that it was considered to be a messenger of the Gods by the Mayans. Although this fantastic species is found in highland forests in many parts of the country, the easiest way to see one is by taking a tour in Monteverde, the Dota Valley, at Paraiso de Quetzales, Mirador de Quetzales, or El Toucanet Lodge.

    A Resplendent Quetzal in Costa Rica.
  • Visit a butterfly garden: Costa Rica’s biggest treasures are found in the country’s biodiversity. An easy, unique means of experiencing that biodiversity is by visiting a butterfly garden to see absolutely exquisite butterflies.

    One of the many exquisite butterflies in Costa Rica.
  • Check out beaches on both coasts: Visit at least one beautiful beach on each coast to see how they compare. There are dozens of wonderful beaches to choose from on the Pacific while the best beaches on the Caribbean are found around Puerto Viejo de Talamanca.

    The beach at Manzanillo, Costa Rica.
  • See a volcano: Three of the easiest volcanoes to visit in Costa Rica are Poas, Irazu, and Arenal. All can be viewed with little effort and you can even look into the craters at Irazu and Poas!

    The crater at Irazu volcano.
  • Zip-lining or canopy in Costa Rica: This might not be the best way to see birds but it sure is an unforgettable thrill!
  • Visit a hummingbird garden: With their glittering plumage and fast flight, hummingbirds hardly seem to be real. Get close looks at these little feathered dynamos at various sites in the country including the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, hummingbird displays in Monteverde, and the Cocora Hummingbird garden.

    The Crowned Woodnymph is one of many hummingbirds commonly seen in hummingbird gardens.

These are a few of the fun things to do in Costa Rica. Come on down and see what else is in store in this beautiful tropical country and enhance your trip with our Costa Rica Birds Field Guide app. Download the Lite version for free.

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