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Some Screen Shots from our Birding App for Costa Rica

Our birding field guide apps for Costa Rica and Panama were designed to make them easy and quick to use. To give an idea of how these apps can be easily used in the field or studying birds back at home or in the hotel, I took some screen shots of the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide app on my iTouch. The shots were just taken with a point and shoot camera on my desk and are aimed at showing a few ways to use the app.

Want to see the hummingbirds on the app?

  • Tap “Filters”

  • Tap Group
The filter groups page. Use the wheel to quickly scroll to Hummingbirds.
  • Once hummingbirds are touched, the filter will show the number of hummingbird species on the app.

    Filtered hummingbirds.
  • Touch “back” and the app will only show the hummingbirds.
    Scroll to Band-tailed Barbthroat to learn about this species.

    You can also learn more about Brown Violetear along with 40 plus other species.
  • You can do the same for “Cotingas” and other bird families.
    Some of the cotingas in Costa Rica.
    Touch “range” to see their range maps.

    Click on a bird to see images of it and click on “info” to see text.
  • See more info on the app.

    Touch “More Info” to see a checklist, app tips, use the “Which Bird is It?” function and more.

Download lite versions of the our bird apps for Costa Rica and Panama to see what the app looks like on your device. Have an Android device? Here is a liter version for Costa Rica and Panama.

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