Twenty of the Most Beautiful Birds in Belize

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Visiting Belize? Get ready to explore Mayan ruins. Snorkel and dive with colorful fish in coral reefs. Take romantic walks on beautiful tropical beaches fringed with coconut palms. Belize is this and more; adventure, fun, and relaxation await along with hundreds of beautiful tropical birds.

This small country is more than an easy paradise for folks in search of a quick escape or a fun stop on a Belize cruise. It’s also an excellent place to get in some wonderful tropical birding. Dozens of colorful tropical species can be seen in the country’s many protected areas, at archeological sites, and even in the gardens of most hotels. With more than 500 species to pick from, it’s hard to choose a top ten. So, we settled on a top 20 and even then, we could add a lot more!  These are twenty of some of the most beautiful and exciting birds in Belize:

Ocellated Turkey

Image provided by Josh Beck.

This exotic, tropical turkey species mostly occurs at protected sites in the north.


Watch for this big stork species at Crooked Lagoon and other wetland sites.

White Hawk

Looks well fed – like me!

Image provided by Stewart Bentley.

A beautiful white hawk species often found at hilly rainforest sites.

White-necked Jacobin

One of several beautiful hummingbird species to be found in Belize.

Gartered Trogon

In the same family as the famed quetzal, this small trogon is one of many, common, beautiful birds in Belize.

Collared Trogon

Another of four trogon species that live in the tropical forests of Belize.

Keel-billed Toucan

This exotic bird is a common sight in tropical forest!

Chestnut-colored Woodpecker

Of the several woodpecker species that occur, this might be the most fancy of the bunch.

Red-lored Parrot

One of the more common parrot species in Belize. Watch them fly in pairs as they commute to and from roosting sites in the early morning and late afternoon.

Brown-hooded Parrot

Another beautiful parrot species that lives in Belize.

Barred Antshrike

This striking, animated species lives in low vegetation.

Northern Barred Woodcreeper

One of several woodcreeper species, watch for these tropical birds as they creep up tree trunks at forested sites.

Royal Flycatcher

A common bird in many parts of Belize, the Royal Flycatcher often occurs along streams.

Red-capped Manakin

This is the original moon-walking bird! It lives in tropical forest.

Green Jay

Image provided by David Hollie.

Not all jays are blue, this beauty is mostly green.

Yellow-throated Euphonia

A small, common bird in many areas.

Montezuma Oropendola

If you see a large bird with a yellow tail, it’s this exotic blackbird species.

Crimson-collared Tanager

One of several striking bird species often seen in Belize.

Red-legged Honeycreeper

This beautiful little bird is a common sight in many areas!

Yellow-winged Tanager

One of the more common bird species in Belize.

These and hundreds of other birds in Belize are shown on our Belize Birds Field Guide App. Use this digital field guide to learn about and identify trogons, toucans, and other exotic birds found in Belize.

Have a great trip!


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