Not Sure What to do in Panama? Go Birding!

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Panama has become one of the hottest “new” destinations on the planet. Stability, infrastructure, great shopping, and beautiful beaches have helped put this Central American gem on the map of must-see countries. But, aside from the canal, a lot of folks aren’t really aware of what Panam has to offer.

Go there and you will quickly discover that there is a lot more to see than you imagined. Panama is a place with dozens of sites awaiting exploration including quiet beaches, fantastic fishing opportunities, hikes in forested mountains, rich local cultures, and picturesque towns. However, there is another reason why thousands of people come to Panama and it’s all about the birds.

This beautiful Rosy Thrush-Tanager was seen by Cindy Beckman on one of her Cheepers! Birding on a Budget Tours to Panama.

Panama happens to be one of the major birding hotspots on the planet. Literally hundreds of species of exotic birds can be seen in many parts of the country including right in the capital city! Want to see a toucan? Go for a walk in Metropolitan Park. You can also see parrots, tanagers, and many other bird species along with sloths and tamarins.

The big, Black-mandibled Toucan is fairly common in many parts of Panama.

Visit beautiful Bocas del Toro and it doesn’t take long to find toucans there as well as parakeets and dozens of other bird species.

The forests of the Canal Zone are a bucket list destination for just about every globe trotting birdwatcher, and the wild, wet rainforests of eastern Panama always promise adventure.

The White-tailed Trogon is another of hundreds of stunning bird species that live in Panama. Image also provided by Cindy Beckman.

If you are headed to Panama and have even the slightest interest in nature and/or birds, do yourself a favor and bring binoculars. You won’t believe what you will see! Get a hint of what natural Panama has to offer by downloading the free lite version of our Panama Birds Field Guide App.


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